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3210 Belt Line Rd # 106 Farmers Branch, Tx, 75234
+1 469 778 0165

About us

The Awakening Africa Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming at improving life standards by providing a means to gaining education and income generating life skills that are to benefit various communities in Africa in the long run.

By doing so, the Awakening Africa foundation seeks to improve the life standards of Africans in Africa and specifically from needy backgrounds.

About us

Our Story

Awakening Africa foundation was founded by an America-based, Congolese Entrepreneur, Emmanuel Kalumbata, with a full understanding of the needs in  African countries.

Mr. kalumbata believes that knowledge is the key to creating a better Africa and as such has built partnerships that will drive the agenda by providing opportunities not just for education but for acquired skills.


More than +5.000.000
Children in Africa Need help

Our Mission

We seek to eradicate poverty in Africa by investing in education and participating in community improvement – We are focused in areas of greater need.

Education – Improving the quality of life

In an effort to shape a better society, Awakening Africa Foundation will be seeking for partners that will enable academic opportunities to Africans in need. We expect that by doing so, we will grow a competitive, hardworking a stable society.

Life Skills – building on the power in our hands

While appreciating the fact that education may not be feasible for all, the foundation will also be seeking to improve life skills by providing workshops and partnering with technical institutions.

This will go a long way in helping the young people to acquire innovative and income generating skills so that they are able to contribute, and ultimately grow their societies.

Community Improvement – stronger together

Through community organization, volunteer opportunities, donations and support for local businesses, The Awakening Africa Foundation will be collaborating with African partners to create provision for an inclusive society.

We intend to achieve this by:

Providing opportunities for business start upsCreating comfort and humane environment for displaced people and refugeesFunding rescue and life-threatening related missionsAvailing funds for community projects


Core Value

Financial muscles

To change the narrative of Poverty, health inequity, and educational underdevelopment in Africa.


The success of the Awakening Africa Foundation will derive from an engaged board of directors and a dedicated staff. Together, our work is guided by these core values:

A strong rope is many up of many codes tied together. The Awakening Africa Foundation is partnering with various similar interest organizations to strengthen its financial muscles and make it possible to achieve its vision of improving the standards of the people of Africa.

Meet Our Volunteer Team

Emmanuel Kalumbata

Chairman – Board Member
Jessica Oliveira

Jessica Oliveira

Board Member - Volunteer